Guide to Using FavePay

What is FavePay?

FavePay is a cashless payment inside Fave App and reward you with cashback every time you use FavePay to make a transaction. The Cashback reward can be used on the next purchase of the same merchant. 

At Triokids, you can enjoy 3% Cashback with every transaction and use the Cashback on the next purchase on


Download the Fave app now on App Store or Google Play Store.

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How To Checkout using FavePay

Step 1: Launch Fave App on your device

Open the app from your device and begin your journey with FavePay. 


Step 2: Scan FavePay QR Code or Find Us

QR CODE] You can use your QR scanner on your device or on Fave App (located at top left or bottom center) to scan the QR Code to make a purchase. 

[FIND US] Alternatively, you can use the search bar located on top of the App and search "Triokids" and tap "PAY" to enter.


Step 3: Confirm your merchant

*Important Steps* Please confirm the merchant name Trio Kids (Epicworkshop) is correct before you proceed to make any payment. 

Step 4: Enter the amount

In this step, please enter the total amount of your purchase correctly. If there is any delivery charges (applicable to online store), please include the amount too. 

Step 6: Tap "Paynow" to complete payment

You can tap on "Paynow" button and your transaction is complete! Now, your 3% cashback will be instantly in your wallet for your next purchase. The cashback is based on the bill amount paid for. 

*Picture above is for illustration purpose only*