Our Story

Hello from Trio Kids!

I am Ivan, and together with my wife, Eileen, we founded Trio Kids. We are thankful to have three lovely and adorable children, who constantly motivates us to be the best for them.

Trio Kids stems from our love of our 3 children. As a reminder to ourselves to prioritise them before anything else, we thought it would be best suited to name our brand after them. And, that was how Trio Kids (3 children) started.

As parents, we are faced with many challenges on the best possible way to bring up our children. In search of ways to nurture and educate our children, we often ended up in many crossroads and dead ends. Being hard on ourselves, frustrations soon set in...

The journey of parenthood, especially with its required dedication and commitment, was no easy feat and had driven many of us to corners of self-comfort. For us, we heeded to our own selfishness just to free up some time for ourselves by resorting to giving more screen time to our children. This, unknowingly, compromised our children’s development and resulted in smartphone/TV addictions. It even came to a point where our eldest started throwing tantrums when we tried to control his screen time. While it was an easy way out, we knew that this will definitely jeopardise their growth, childhood and our parent-to-children relationships.

Through much reflection, we set out seeking for solutions that could help resolve and improve our children’s development. After receiving much research and advice from our loved ones, we started availing our children to educational and growth developmental toys. On many occasions, these toys brought meaning to enjoyment and at the same time, nurturing our children’s creativity, curiosity and comfort. Over time, our children evidently developed an interest in the world around them and began connecting with us more, bringing upon our cheerful relationships.

It was and still will be a parenting adventure for us. However, seeing how our children are growing up strongly in both body and soul, it is certainly worthwhile. Not only did these experiences bring light into our children’s world, they also taught us the importance of being part of their childhood and growth. In this same passion, we decided to pour out our heart to reach out or, at the very least, provide an avenue of help for fellow parents in the community with Trio Kids.

To us, we will never be ready for parenting as new challenges will arise every day. None of us can anticipate what lies ahead, but we, for one, are certain that we will enjoy our journey together with our Trio Kids.

Thank you for taking time to read about our experiences. We hope that you too will enjoy your parenthood adventure. Well, at the very least, we can be sure that we are not alone in this.

With Love,
Trio Kids

Why we started

While searching for these educational toys, we realise the difficulty of finding toys that are safe, fun, and educational for our children. We found that the majority of the stores are selling toys that are unsustainable and uninspiring, furthermore, the ingredients in some can be hazardous and unsafe for young children.

After talking to many of our friends and new parents, we realise that this is a common concern for many families. Therefore, we decided it was time to stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.

At TrioKids, we focus on what the parents want and what the children need. Our products are not only fun for the kids, but are also made from safe, sustainable materials so that parents can have a peace of mind.

All our products are made with 100% non-toxic paint and high-quality materials that are made to last. Every item is sourced to be both fun and also stimulating to their development, be it critical and logical thinking skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and many others.